Learning by doing, Learning for using, to promote Learning, to put Learning into practice. Whole Heart education-Vittel English was founded in 2015, we have every child's special, find every child's bright spots, deeply explore the interest of learning English, happy to learn, easily achieve high marks high energy goals.

The course is designed to improve students'listening, speaking, reading and writing ability by using the textbook of China Foreign Language Research Press and Cambridge University English assessment system, give full play to the advantages of foreign and Chinese teachers.

Teacher team-the immersion language environment is created by the appearance of native english-speaking countries. Senior Chinese and foreign teachers provide professional guidance to help students achieve smooth communication and accurate marks. Currently, there are 4 foreign teachers employed in Britain and America.

Teaching environment-fashionable English learning environment, high-quality decoration design, classroom using 12 color walls, the installation of teaching full monitoring system, real-time view of the classroom learning screen. With a cinema, strong European and American culture.

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